Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: Injustices in the Work of God?

Hello darlings!

Today we will talk about a topic that isn't pleasant to our flesh: injustices.

Yes, even in the Work of God on the Altar we can suffer injustices. But I've learned one thing... They all happen with God's permission. If it wasn't with His permission, couldn't He at a snap of a finger change everything? He allows it, but it does not mean that He agrees or aproves what we are going through.

Remaining in faith, trusting, when we are going through injustices is one of the major tests of our faith. After all, it's much easier to trust God when everything is going the way we want, right? What about when everything is turned upside down? Do we still keep our faith and trust in Him? Are we really ready for everything?

If we take Joseph's life as an example, we can see in reality what I mentioned above... God allowed him to go through everything he did, but that doesn't mean God agreed to everything that happened with him... However God had a plan much bigger than what he expected.

He suffered, he suffered a lot and many times I asked myself why God allowed him to go through all that... First, he was sold by his own brothers as a slave, then he was falsely accused of seducing Pharaoh's wife, he was arrested for that. After that, he received a promise from the chief butler that he would intercede for him, and it only happened after 2 long years... Injustices after injustices...

Joseph went through really bitter days, deserts, but he remained faithful, trusting in God all this time. His faith and trust in God in practice was the foundation he needed for in the future to be someone who would make the difference in the life of a nation.

The chosen for the Altar, will also have this mission of making the difference not only in the lives of some people, but of a whole nation! And for that to happen, we must have a strong faith, to be corageous and brave, qualities that sometimes can only be acquired through battles, problems, and even injustices...

I am not saying here you will be jumping out of joy, when you go through injustices, perhaps you're suffering from it right now, and it's so painful... And by the way, God feels absolutely the same thing about it... He hates injustice, and if we have His Spirit, we will also have the same feeling. But when we have the spiritual vision of things we understand that ALL things work together for those who love Him.

And another thing... nothing lasts forever... If you look forward and to God, and not only to here and now, you will stand strong, no matter what happens. And in the future it will all serve as experience, foundation for your faith and an example for many!

I believe!

Let's keep our spiritual eyes open, claiming from God His justice in our lives, and not the justice of men. God's justice is everlasting, while men's easily perish...

Now, what about if it's your husband who commits the injustice? What if he does something wrong, what if he sins, what if he does something against the direction of the church? How should you act? Should you be quiet and trust in God?

This will be next week's topic, which I am thinking will be very interesting, hehehe... I want to listen to your sincere opinion girls!!!

See you then :))))))))

Monday, 15 September 2014

Preparation for Marriage series: Caring for your appearance and health

Hi girls, today's post is about something that many are already aware of: the importance of caring for our health and looks. But do all the women who know about this actually, practise it?

Well firstly, it's necessary to care for both, not only if you want to marry someone, but for your own sake! A woman who is a candidate for marriage, should love herself first. And they can say what they may out there, but a woman who doesn't care for her appearance and health, she doesn't love herself. There, I said it.

You must understand that from the moment you are dating someone, and especially after when you are married, one will represent the other. That is, the husband can be really competent, responsible, handsome, but if people look at his and see that she doesn't care not even a bit about  her appearance, they will probable think like this: 'What did he see in her?' 'Something must not be right in that marriage...' Doesn't he see his wife doesn't care about anything?'

I know that this kind of comment is not fair, and many times these comments can become a cruel judgement... however isn't it they way people see things? In the past, for instance, why did the women took care of themselves and dressed modestly? Because they represented their husbands. If anyone saw them wearing inappropriate clothes, immediately they would relate that to their husbands, and that could completely destroy a man's reputation.

Ok, perhaps you say like this: I don't care about what people say! Fine, but what about your future husband, won't he care either? I doubt that any man likes to introduce to people he knows, a woman that doesn't make a least effort to look presentable... And that isn't a man's problem, girls, not at all !!!
From the moment we represent them, they will want us to represent them well! It's exactly what happens to parents and their children. No parents would like their children to go to school anyhow, all dirty, uncared for, and even to have bad grades, why? Because the children represent their parents...

So girls, even if it's a huge sacrifice for you, begin to invest in this. After all you can be the most interesting and intelligent person there is, but if you don't take care of yourself, it will be really hard to catch someone else's eyes at a first glance... And with that, you can miss many opportunities...

It's not a matter of vanity, it's self-love! Perhaps you think you are ugly, but you have no idea what a simple make up, different hairstyle, losing some weight, or changing the way you dress, can do to you!!! Why not try it? And don't come with excuses that you don't know how, because what we have the most nowadays are websites and tutorials teaching us how to do these things at home!

If we want different results, we must do different things! You are still waiting for Prince Charming, so why not really become a Princess to catch his eyes?

Appearance is NOT everything, but it has its value, if used with wisdom, discretion and right intentions.

What can you say about your appearance today? How can you change it? Have you been lazy about it? Have you tried a makeover? Any significant change in your looks??
Shall we try?

Leave your comments girls, what do you think about this subject?

Kisses, and see you on Wednesday at the Candidates for the Altar series :)

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: Our family on the Altar

And it was told Him by some, who said, “Your mother and Your brothers are standing outside, desiring to see You.”But He answered and said to them, “My mother and My brothers are these who hear the word of God and do it. Luke 18:-20-21
Once we serve we God on the Altar, many times we will not be close to our biologic family. Especially when you are living in another country as we mentioned in the previous post. So from now on who will be our family?

The people and and the other servants of God from that place. Today I want to talk about the latter.

Many times in the Work of God, you and your husband will live with other couples. In my journey on the Altar I've lived with more than 18 couples - Wow, I had never really stopped to count! :). And there was a time that there were 6 couples living together at the same time. You can imagine how big our family was, hehehe. And plus, different nationalities!

Obviously living with other people is not always easy. As many of you mentioned before, there are some difficulties we will have to face:

  • You lose your privacy, sometimes you even have to share the same bathroom.
  • There are differences in taste for food, as well as house decor and many times, culture.
  • I've lived with wives who were very quiet, and some who were very talkative... :)
  • Time management. You have to get to an agreement so that the house chores may flow well, without compromising the responsibilities in church.
  • You can't only think of you and your husband, but also in the other couple. We must get rid of our habits, and of our 'own way' to avoid problems.
  • Etc, etc, etc...

But the greatest secret to overcome all these difficulties is to give. We are all different, and when I see someone is trying to impose their own will, I prefer to give in to what they want... If I can avoid a problem, I do. We can't waste time with such small things...

Obviously in practice it's not so easy, and according to human eyes, you may be considered a fool, when you act this way. But why am I going to create an extra problem, when we have already so many bigger problems to worry about? What is a difference of taste or time or any other problem with the other wife, when compared with the suffering of the people? NOTHING!
Unless that problem is going out of hand, so you need to seek advice from the leadership of the church, that's for sure.

Another thing I learned when living with other couples is to take advantage of these experiences... I remember that when I was recently married, I didn't have this understanding, and I was a bit annoying and spoiled... I think I was inconvenient in certain things with my dear friend who lived with me at that time... We lived together for almost a year, and when I realised the way I was, I started changing and today, I can understand more those who are just married, who many times, don't have this understanding that it's not worthy to be stubborn and try to impose your will. That makes them to become unpleasant and also shows lack of humbleness...
Also with these experiences, I've made some friends for life!

It's important to be aware of this sacrifice, so that you may not regret your decision. And if you are the only child, or was the only child for a long time, as I was, you can have many difficulties when it comes to"sharing" things... But we can learn our lesson from now on, when we open our minds to understand that the world doesn't only surround us...

What about injustices in the Work of God? Do you believe that it's possible? How do you see this situation?
Leave your comments and don't forget to share these posts!

Many kisses!

Ps: I've lived with 3 wives of this picture: Flavinha Brazilian, Lili Portuguese and Busi South African :)))))))

Monday, 8 September 2014

Preparation for Marriage series: Are you a family girl?

Hi girls!

Today I don't want to talk about the expression 'family girl' per se, which can mean, a decent, well behaved, a stay at home kind of girl... But I want talk about the literal meaning for this sentence.

Many women say that they want to become a wife and mother, that is they want to build a family, when in fact many of them don't care or don't make time to be with their current family...

Nowadays, people are so busy, right? And the last thing they've been putting in their priorities list is their family. Does that make any sense? You want to build a family, but doesn't care about the one you already have?!

Do you think that the candidates to become a husband won't want a woman that is not only a woman, but also one that has a profile of a wife? That is, a woman who cares for her home, family, children...? Or do you think he would want a woman that has no time for anything?

If you are single, what kind of care have you been showing to your parents and siblings? How do you treat them? Do you value them?
There is a saying that says that the way a man treats his mom, will be the way he will treat his wife... I am starting to believe this is also true for woman, you know... If you never make time for your family and/or your parents, to go out, have some leisure time with them, make a nice food for them, or simply taking some time off to doing what they like doing, why do you think it would be different with your husband, if you will also be so busy then...?

If you are a single mom, I an imagine how hard that must be! You are the bread winner at home and have to provide for them, so true! But don't ever forget that the best care you can give to your children is not only your money, but especially your attention. Money is important, but it's not all!

Well girls, there isn't much more to say about it, the secret is to put this into practice!

What are the action you will take from now towards your family? What are the things in your life that have been stealing these precious times with them...? Are you really ready to become a family girl?

Please friends leave your comments which I LOVE reading!
Kisses! and I will see you on Wednesday with Candidates for the altar series.

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: Home country and family... so long, farewell, bye bye!

If you've never been in contact with snow, and see it so bright and beautiful as in this picture, you are probably wishing to be in a place like that one day, right? It's actually really fun to play in the snow, in the 1st, 2nd or even in the 3rd day it falls... But after that, the 'chaos' begins... When I was in England, as the country is more prepared for weathers like this, even though it was freeeeeeeeezing cold, the city wouldn't really stop... But in Ireland... (sorry, my Irish friends, you know what I am talking about, kkkk)... many public transports would stop working, as the roads become so slippery and dangerous... There was a winter in Ireland that 2 ladies from the church broke their legs as they slipped in the snow. There was also another episode in which my husband tried to break the car, when the traffic lights were red, and the car didn't stop and we went on ahead. Thanks to God nothing happened.

Well and now I am in the Philippines! A country completely different, with a completely different weather, it never gets cold here!!!! NEVER!KKKK, since I've been here I never really wore a long sleeve cotton sweater... In the beginning I found the heat suffocating, and I was sick in the first months... But I am ok now :)

Apart from the weather, the food is different, the people are different, the language is different... have you ever heard of tagalog? (except you my dearest Pinoy friends :)))) Yes, that's the Philippine language, the good thing is that most of them understand English, kkk, but I also want to learn their language. Anyways, there are so many differences!
And plus every time you move to a new place, you have to make new friends... If you are not shy, and you are outgoing, that will be easy for you, but if not... And now, there is no family around and only God knows when you will be able to visit them... I've met pastors who took over 10 years to see their family again.

There are situations where you can't even leave the country due to documents in process, and you can end up missing important family events... Are you ready for that?

Well, today I asked a dear friend to tell us a bit about her experience... do you know where she's been for some time now? India! Some of you mentioned that this would be one of the most challenging countries... Let's read a bit of her experience:
"Well, everyone knows that India has a very different culture, the way they dress, their spicy food, the extremely hot weather, everything is different from other countries. In the beginning I have to admit that it was very hard for me to adapt to all these differences and I had a lot of problems with food, the hot weather and etc.
But the main difficulty is to take the Lord Jesus to be their only Saviour. There was a case in particular, where an indian boy started to feel so well in the church and was even having the desire to serve God, but when he told it to his father, who had another faith, the father became so furious about it that he set his own body on fire, but thankfully he didn't die as the family members were able to help him in time.
It's a great battle to win souls in that country, but we understand we are there for a greater purpose. I understood that the change of their lives and mainly their salvation depended on the fact that I had to forget about myself, my culture, my habits and etc, and only focus on those people, and that's what I did.
I began to allow God to use me more, and I saw that this was exactly what God wanted from me.
Even though it's been a fight to take Jesus's fragrance to the Indians, the joy of seeing one of them saved, is greater than anything else, as for us the salvation of one Indian, is like the salvation of millions of people. "
Diana Costa - India
So nice, right? The focus on the souls like we mentioned in a previous post...
And one detail I know about her which she did not mention was that for many years, when there were pastor's meeting, even in Brazil, where she is from, she couldn't go due to documentation... Her husband would go alone, and she would have to stay... Have you thought about it?
She also had to go back to being a brunette... :)

Yes, friends, every country has its own culture, weather, people, and we never know where God will send us...

Perhaps you think like this: ah this will be easy for me... I am dying to go to another country, it's my dream!
Ok, but what is your intention? Do you simply want to know new places and cultures or you really are thirst of saving the world for Jesus? If your real intention is not saving souls, one day the beauty, and the culture of that country will fade away before your eyes... and what will be left?

Don't ever forget that the country may be very beautiful and even rich, but there will always be adversities... And in some, many adversities... I haven't been to many countries yet, but in all of them there were difficulties... And if you are not sure of your calling, don't even start...

And as I mentioned above... Family? Bye. bye... Only God knows when we will see them again... knowing so, who will be our family wherever we are?

The people, obviously, but also the pastors and the pastor's wives of that place... Are you ready to live with another couple of servants of God? We will talk more about it in our next post.
What in your opinion will be the most difficult thing to adapt when living with other people...?
Leave your opinion and share these posts!

Many kisses!

Ps: And if you have any other theme about the work of God, that you wish us to talk about, leave your suggestions below :)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Preparation for marriage series: Learning the basics!

Hello darlings, welcome to one more post related to the preparation for marriage.

Today I want to talk to those women who are still very dependent on their parents or on other people to take care of their own lives, hehehe.

I know many girls, and women, study and work hard and sometimes they don't have a lot time to learn new things. But I believe that if you try a little harder you may be able to find some time to learn some basics that would benefit a married lady.

Cooking: Are you the kind of person who always eats out, or only eats from your mom's food? hehehe. Yes, my darlings, perhaps one day you will have a maid at home that can help you with that, but what if there are emergency situations where you will receive people at home and so on? It's actually a very admiring quality in a woman to know how to cook. And knowing how to cook, it's not a theory thing... I mean, I remember that when I got married I thought I knew how to cook, but because it was something I didn't do very often before getting married, I ended up making a lot of horrible food...  hehehe. Yes, practice is very important in this matter. What if you started cooking for your family at least once a week? If you live on your own, invite your friends :)

Washing and ironing clothes -  I know it sounds like something silly, as in many cases, the washing machine can do the job for us... but I have heard so many women saying that they've stained many of their clothes as they didn't know they had to separate them by colours, or sometimes use a specific detergent or a different cycle for certain clothes... What if you started washing your own clothes?

What about ironing? Do you know how to iron well a social shirt? What about dresses and tops with special fabrics or those who tend to shine? I know there are many launderettes that can do this job for us too... But I think it can get very expensive right? What about in emergency cases, what do you do?
A well washed and iron outfit, talks a lot about who we are, did you know that? It's time to learn. (I will perhaps post some tutorials in the future but for now, you can google it :). What if you started ironing some shirts and difficult items of clothing in your home to get practice? Please don't burn them!!! hehehe!

Driving - Friends, how important it is to know how to drive depending on the place you live, right? I took long to learn to drive, but when I did, I realised how easier my life became... What if you have children? You need to take them to doctors, school and etc... In some countries and cities the public transport is really good, so perhaps you don't think this is so necessary, but we can't compare public transport with the comfort of the car... What if you took some spare time to have some lessons?

Sorting out house problems - What about when something stops working in your house? Do you know who to call? Or do you always ask someone else to call them for you? Do you know how to change a burned lightbulb? What about unblocking the toilet? (I learned it some days ago and was able to save money, kkk) Do you know how to defrost your fridge/freezer? If a pipe is broken in your house and there's a leak, do you know where is the valve to turn it off until they come to fix it? What about the energy 'box'?
They seem like silly things, but if one day you're alone at home, if you know these things you can avoid some problems.... What if you spared some time to learn these basics of your home?

Paying bills, budgeting and etc - I have known many girls who were actually afraid of sorting out things in the bank and also paying bills... They always depended on other people to do everything for them, so when it was their turn to do it. they didn't even know where to begin...When you are married, you will probably have to take some of these responsibilities upon you... I know many of you who are reading this post, perhaps had to learn these things since very young, as there was no body else to do it for you, but many others have always depended on their parents to do everything for them... Also knowing how to budget your money, it's so important! If now that you don't have many responsibilities to pay, you are already full of debts, how can you manage a home? What if you started paying some bills of the house and organising your money well for the future, perhaps a piggy bank?

Well my darlings, this is it for today... Do you identify yourself with some of the points above? What other aspects of your life you have seen you are very dependent on other people? What other basic things you need to learn?

Leave your opinion :)))

See you soon!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: Should we have children when serving on the Altar? - Part 2

Hi everyone! As I said before, I am here today exceptionally to continue talking about wednesday's topic about having children when serving God on the Altar.

As I said in my previous post, one of the problems in having children in general, is that we never know which path they will choose for their future. We can give them the best education in the world, yet only God knows what will be their decision.

To add on top of that, there are so many things that need to be done in the Work of God. We honestly have no time to waste or even to think of misusing our time, after all, the devil doesn't stop for a second.

When you have children, you can limit yourself. You can't do everything you want, because the child needs you. You can't also leave your children anywhere and anyhow so that you can manage everything. And even if physically you do so, your mind will be constantly thinking on whether the child is well or not.  And that's when it starts to become a problem... Many times you will need to say NO to your calling, even if you don't want to, for the sake of your child.

I don't have children, but I lived in the past, with people who did and unfortunately some of them could not be counted on for some responsibilities in church... They even wanted to, but because the child needed their care, they couldn't do more. And they obviously could not leave the child on their own, after all, it was not the child's choice to come into the world, right?

There was a time in church that many pastors had children or adopted kids, which are the many children of pastors we have today, buy many pastors have affirmed that if it was today, they wouldn't have children. Not that they regret having their children, they love them, and it's a pleasure when they turn out to be in the Work of God in the same way as their parents, but many acknowledge that during the time they had to mind their kids, they were unable to be more used by God towards the souls.

We must always be careful and analyse ourselves to see if the desire of having children is not coming from the flesh, like it happened with Sarah who wanted in her own way to give Abraham a child instead of waiting for what God wanted for and from them. Many people don't realise that many times the consequences of this choice can be really serious...  What was the result of Sarah's fleshly desire and decision? Ishmael became the father of a nation that was and still is against our God.

I know this sounds harsh and tough, but it's the plain truth... If only we could guarantee that our kids could be one more soul for God... But we know it's not guaranteed.

God wants us to have Isaacs for Him, that is, children of the promise, children of the will of God. And who are they? Aren't they the souls that Jesus died for, in order to make them children of God?

Dear friend, if you are committing yourself to this Work, you must verify that you really mean it when you say you want to sacrifice 100% of your life on the Altar.

It's not a sin to have children, not at all,  but take a look at this verse:

"Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38
Need I say more? The measure of our sacrifice and surrender will be the measure that we will receive back from God.

What about you? Are you ready to leave your own country, language, culture in order to serve anywhere in this world? This is next Wednesday's topic! Which country do you think would be more challenging for you to adapt?

Leave your opinion :))))))))
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