Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Challenge 2 - Overcoming my worst enemy 'myself' - Spiritual Life

Hi girls!!!
Ready for the next challenge??? Read the whole post below ok!?

Well, if there is one thing our worst enemy 'ourselves' will try to do, is to prevail against our spiritual development. In our minds we do want to be better people, but our nature, our inner being and our bodies don't want the same. They want what's easier, they want things that don't demand sacrifice.

And I believe - and I hope - that at least one of your OBJECTIVES still for this year from Challenge 1 is related to your spiritual life, right?

So let's go against our worst enemy that doesn't want us to reach this objective???

You know my friend, you can be the 'holiest' person in the world, you can judge yourself very righteous, but I can guarantee to you that we will always have things to be changed inside of us. Always!

This part of this passage doesn't leave my head...
"Now as He was going out on the road, one came running, knelt before Him, and asked Him, “Good Teacher, what shall I do that I may inherit eternal life?” (...) You know the commandments: ‘Do not commit adultery,’ ‘Do not murder,’ ‘Do not steal, (...) And he answered and said to Him, “Teacher, all these things I have kept from my youth.” Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said to him, “One thing you lack: Go your way, sell whatever you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross, and follow Me.” Mark 10:17-21

What about you? What do you lack in order to achieve this so wanted spiritual objective? What is it that you are still lacking, to conquer your salvation, to receive the Holy Spirit or to be closer to God?
Huh? What do you lack?

  • Read the Bible more often
  • Go to church more often
  • Forgive
  • Stop judging
  • Stop having bad eyes
  • Stop lying
  • Stop being childish, immature
  • Give more of your time to serve God
  • Assume your faith
  • Be more firm in your decisions
  • Put an end to friendships that are pushing you away from God
  • End a relationship that has been making you to sin, fall, doubt
  • Watch TV less often
  • Stop being a busybody to people's lives on the internet, instead of minding your own life... :(
  • Stop gossiping
  • Assume your mistakes
  • Stop being religious and have intimacy with God
  • Stop being lazy

Phew!! If I continue, this list will never end, right? Even if what you need is not listed above, no problem, you will attack it anyway!

And don't tell me that you don't know what it is, or that you have already been doing everything you can, because if this was really true, you would've already achieved your goal, right my dear friend? :)
Maybe what you are lacking is to be attentive to God's voice so that you may know what HE wants you to change! (Humm, maybe this should be an item of the above list... well, you're reading it here :)

Girls, there goes the challenge! Analyse yourself, pray, seek from God what is missing and I am SURE that He will show you - if you still don't know what it is - and then PUNCH!!! Attack, your worst enemy!!!!

As a proof of this challenge, post here in the comments and in my page on Facebook, the following:
I've completed challenge 2 of #overcomingmyself challenge, by attacking (write here what you've been doing) on behalf of my spiritual life.
It's good if today, you can already decide what you will start doing so that you can practice it the whole week, ok?

Whohooooooo!! I am so happy!

Many kisses, and I will see you next Wednesday with Challenge 3!

Ps: Ok, ok, if it's something very personal that you need to do in this challenge, you don't need to specify what it is, but at least post here in the comments and in my page on Facebook that you've completed challenge 2, ok? But I would really like you not to be shy! :)

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Jessica Shigeoka - new author in my blog!

Hi everyone, today I would like to introduce you a friend of mine. She will be writing here in my blog from now, and I am sure you will really love to learn from her. She is a sweet pie!

Hello there everyone!!!

My name is Jessica Shigeoka from Philippines.

I am 24 years old, a lover and a helper to my husband, Denny. We got married over a year ago and together we are doing the work of God here in Asia.

There were certain painful things that happened in my life, particularly in my childhood that I never understood why God let that happen, but recently He has been revealing it to me... As a teenager, I felt so empty and so I tried to fill up that void in my heart by engaging myself to several relationships. Perhaps the biggest problem I had was my love life, I was supposed to end up suffering but thank God He never gave up on me! All the things that happened in my life - happy times, bad times, difficulties, painful past, sweet victories - in everything, I am thankful to God and I know that He has a greater purpose.

Today, instead of asking God "Why?" I see those problems and bad experiences as blessings and a way to help more women, especially the youth. I am here for you all to share with you how God has been working in my life and helped me to overcome.

To start-off, I will be writing to you how I related myself to the book of Mrs. Nanda Bezerra, "40 Secrets for the Single Woman."

Aside from that, you will know me and my experiences more when you follow the series about my life story here in Mrs. Aline Munhoz' blog. :D I hope you're going to enjoy and relate yourself to some moments of my life when I was a teenager! :)

So stay tuned!!!!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Challenge 1 - Overcoming my worst enemy 'myself' - Having an objective!

Hi everyone! Our challenge begins today!
And I am so happy that many of you are joining me in this!

I was reading the Word of God the other day, and He showed me something very interesting. We can only truly overcome ourselves when we have an OBJECTIVE!

Let's see what Jesus said in this verse:
Then He said to them all, “If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow Me. Luke 9:23
'If anyone desires to come after me' - objective!
'let him deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me' - the way to reach that objective!

This means, that it's possible to deny ourselves, when we have the objective to please Him and follow Him... After all, He wouldn't ask us to do something that was impossible to do...

And the same applies to everything else in life. If we have a goal, an objective, we will also have the strength to overcome ourselves and do whatever is necessary to do in order to achieve it.

Let me give you a simple example of life, for you to understand it better... If you want to lose a bit of weight for instance, but that is not really something that bothers you, it's not a goal that you really desire to reach any time soon, I doubt that you will have the strength to say NO to delicious foods that are offered to you. You will always leave your weight loss for later, as this is not really a priority for you at the moment, am I right? This happens, because you wish you were slimmer, but you don't really have a firm objective of losing weight. As a matter of fact it doesn't bother you much...

But what happens, when you can no longer stand the fact that your clothes are getting really tight on you, and you're having to give many of them away? What happens when almost everything you have in your closet does not fit you anymore and you are having to buy other clothes to replace those? How do you react then? Wouldn't you really stay far from food temptations, even if you have to run away from them? Don't you feel strong to say NO to those temptations? 
There you go, this is what objective does to you!

Our objective pushes us to do what is right! It gives us strength to overcome ourselves!

So my dear friend, the first challenge is:

Set objectives for your life - not wish list - still for the end of this year!

Many people wait for a new year to begin to start making resolutions, but we will do different! We will already start a new stage of our lives in this year of 2014!

Remember, you will not make a wish list... you will write strong GOALS AND OBJECTIVES, things you still want to achieve in this year.

Don't put silly things, but things that will really require overcoming yourself in order to achieve them!

Once written, you will present them to God, with no emotions, and you will agree with Him that you will work on yourself in order to achieve those goals.


If you are with me in this challenge, leave your comment here and also post in your social networks and in my page on Facebook the following sentence and hashtag:
I am in the challenge #overcomingmyself and I have set my objectives!
It will be a pleasure to give a knockout in our worst enemy: "ourselves"!

Let's go girls!

Ps: The challenge will be on a weekly basis so that you can have enough time to work on yourself... Check back the next challenge next Wednesday!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Challenge - Overcoming my worst enemy: myself

Hello my darlings!

We are approaching the end of the year... Perhaps you look back and you still have not been able to change many things about your inner self...

Do you always try to be a better person and don't know how to begin?
One of the biggest battles we face in life is the one of overcoming our own selves... We can be our own worst enemies sometimes, because our own thoughts are always in between what we want and what is right doing. It's a constant battle, a daily one, every hour, every minute.

And the question is: How can I overcome something that is so stuck within me? How can I overcome something that is part of who I am? How can I say NO to myself?

Are you ready to have the answer to these questions? Do you still want this year to finish in a different way? So here is a challenge for you!

From Wednesday onwards, we will begin a challenge here in the blog with this objective, to overcome our worst enemy: ourselves.

So if you want to join me in this challenge, here is what you need to do:

Leave your comments here in this blog post, and post the following in your social networks and in my page on facebook:
I am in the challenge #overcomingmyself and I will be a better woman!
Also invite a friend to do this challenge together with you! Whenever we have someone doing something together with us, it's easier for us to go until the end, as one can encourage the other...

SHARE this post in your social networks so we can get as many ladies as possible, who will begin 2015 as a new woman!

Are you ready? I want to see who will be with me :)

See you on Wednesday with the 1st Challenge!

Saturday, 8 November 2014


Get ready!!!

Do you want to be a better woman?

Check back this blog on Monday :)))))))

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: How can I keep my relationship with God when I am on the Altar?

My question is: how can I keep my relationship with God, when on the Altar? We know that even doing the work of God one can become far from God if they are not watchful...

Hi dear friend, the secret is one: SACRIFICE.

Life on the Altar is about daily sacrifice! Many think that the only sacrifice of a pastor is to leave all his dreams behind in order to come for the Altar with only one luggage with clothes.
Without a doubt, that's an admirable sacrifice, but if we don't keep the fire of the sacrifice burning every day, it can go out.

It's not because now we have a title or because we've made sacrifices that many don't have the courage to make, that we no longer need to sacrifice.
We must still sacrifice ourselves, our desires, our vanity, our time, moments of leisure and even of rest, to always please God and serve Him.

Another thing that keeps our fire burning, and that is also part of our sacrifice, is to be always close to the people.
When we see the sad reality many people face, problems that are so difficult, we can see how small we are, and if we don't have God's direction, we will not be able to help those people.

After all, how can we give the right answer, if not by God's direction? We may have experience, knowledge and everything else, but if our advice doesn't have God's direction and His Spirit behind, it will only be beautiful words, that will have no impact in people's lives.

However when we recognize that even with experience and knowledge we are dependent on Him, we always come close to Him, to see and understand what's His will for every situation.

Do you want to be always strong with God? Always sacrifice! 

Remember: an Altar was only raised when there was a sacrifice to be presented.
If you are on the Altar, you must be the sacrifice.

Kisses to all!

I really enjoy reading all your comments!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: What I can or cannot do in church?

I would like you to talk about, what a pastor's wife can do in the church in the sense of being always active and present, but not taking the place of the husband? I have the calling for the Altar, but sometimes I am so thirsty to help that I keep asking myself I won't end up doing things that I am not supposed to. When I become a pastor's wife, I would like to do some different things with the women in church, counsel them, make prayers with them, share my experiences with the assistants, make evangelism, teach things for the youth group girls, make something different in the Sunday School, etc... So I want to learn to be in my place of a pastor's wife,  after all the pastor, is the man...

Dear friend, even though your question is quite complex, the answer is very simple: ask your husband, and/or the pastor's wife in charge of you.

A woman of God has a very important role in the church, she definitely should be present and beside her husband in everything. However in each place, and in each situation, everything may vary and I can't really say what you can or cannot do. That's why the best thing to do when you are in this situation is to ask your husband and the wife in charge. They will be the best people to tell you what is appropriate for you to do.

What is important is that you don't become afraid of asking. Obviously there are things that you don't even need to ask, such as counselling the women in your church... unless you were told not to do so...

But in regards to other activities, ask... The worst that can happen is that you might receive a no, but that's all :) And God is in control of everything and He knows what's best for His work. Don't be anxious, allow Him to use you the He wants to!

That's it!
Kisses to all!