Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: What I can or cannot do in church?

I would like you to talk about, what a pastor's wife can do in the church in the sense of being always active and present, but not taking the place of the husband? I have the calling for the Altar, but sometimes I am so thirsty to help that I keep asking myself I won't end up doing things that I am not supposed to. When I become a pastor's wife, I would like to do some different things with the women in church, counsel them, make prayers with them, share my experiences with the assistants, make evangelism, teach things for the youth group girls, make something different in the Sunday School, etc... So I want to learn to be in my place of a pastor's wife,  after all the pastor, is the man...

Dear friend, even though your question is quite complex, the answer is very simple: ask your husband, and/or the pastor's wife in charge of you.

A woman of God has a very important role in the church, she definitely should be present and beside her husband in everything. However in each place, and in each situation, everything may vary and I can't really say what you can or cannot do. That's why the best thing to do when you are in this situation is to ask your husband and the wife in charge. They will be the best people to tell you what is appropriate for you to do.

What is important is that you don't become afraid of asking. Obviously there are things that you don't even need to ask, such as counselling the women in your church... unless you were told not to do so...

But in regards to other activities, ask... The worst that can happen is that you might receive a no, but that's all :) And God is in control of everything and He knows what's best for His work. Don't be anxious, allow Him to use you the He wants to!

That's it!
Kisses to all!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: Hometown or abroad?

Hi everyone! Let's go for today's question!

Hi Aline, there are pastor's wives that only move from one city to another, or sometimes they go to many cities within a state, and there are others who go to other countries, like you, for example. There are Pastor's wives that goes to Europe or other countries and are even in charge of countries together with their husbands... Why does that happen? Why is it that not all wives have this privilege?
Thank you.

My darling... serving God is a privilege! It can be going from one city to another, in your hometown, in another country, it doesn't matter! Privilege is to serve God wherever He sends us. If a person is truly with their heart on the altar, wherever there is an altar, she will be privileged for being there!

The candidate for the Altar, has to understand that the Work of God is guided by the Holy Spirit, and if her husband is sent abroad or not, if he has a bigger responsibility or not, it's not up to anyone to judge. It's God who does the Work, who sends His servants and uses them as He wishes.

The Candidate for the Altar should not be worried or questioning why she is here or there... A servant is a servant, and we can't choose where we want to serve.

All the candidates for the Altar should analyse their real intention of going for the Altar... It can never be a selfish ambition of going around the world for their own pleasure, or even to be aiming position in the Work of God, in order to be admired...

All of it is vanity, as our friend Solomon used to say... hehe. It's to run after the wind... All of it will pass one day... What will really matter and will remain will be the fruits that we plant and reap from the Altar, no matter where that Altar is...

Stay in faith!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: I don't want to study anymore...

Hello my darlings! I hope you have not missed our Monday post :) As I informed on Sunday, as there are many questions from the candidates for the Altar, I will be here every Monday, Wednesday and Friday answering one of them:)

Here is today's question:

'I would like you to speak about how the candidate for the Altar should deal with her studies before joining the Work of God, as I see many girls giving up studies while they are still waiting to marry a pastor. I honestly don't know the right way to deal with it, hehe. When you can, please kindly speak to us about it. Thank you, kisses.

Dear friends, I do understand that once we have the calling for the Altar, we lose the desire of doing many things, especially when these things are related to personal dreams we no longer have... I went through this...

However let's us remember the real reason as to why we are called for the Altar... Isn't it to save souls?

And how do we save souls? Is it only talking about Jesus? NO, A THOUSAND TIMES NO!
Our good testimony speaks much louder than many of our words.

Now I ask you, if you stop studying, if you don't do well in school, if you don't find yourself a job, what kind of testimony is it that you are giving? Do you really think you will be inspiring people to have God in their lives? Of course not!!!
A girl who acts this way, is actually treating the Altar as a scapegoat from a reality they don't want to face, and it's not not because they really want to save souls. Because if their desire for souls were really true, they would ALREADY be concerned about all the souls that are around them and they wouldn't be giving a bad testimony around...

When a girl acts this way, giving up studies, BEFORE being called for the Altar, it also shows that she doesn't even have vision of what the Work of God really is.

The world has developed, and we must also develop our minds in order to reach people in the most various ways... So if you are a person who have studies, who developed your intellect, you can even be more useful in the Work of God.

OBVIOUSLY, a college degree, is NOT the most important in the Work of God, but the spirit!! But the more abilities and skills you have, God will be able to count on you in many things in the Work of God.

The Work of God involves many things... In countries where the Work of God is not so developed yet, the pastor's wives do a little bit of everything...
For you to have an idea, I've been a english teacher, I have managed a coffeeshop, and worked a bit in the graphics department, and much more, all of it inside the Work of God!!! hehehe! I actually had a lot of difficulties with these things, because as I got married so young, I couldn't really study much... But I also only stopped studying when I was called for a training... and soon after that, I got married.

But if you have the opportunity to study, please do so! Use the time you have left before joining the Work of God to learn things that will benefit the work of God.

Remember that what you do with your life today, says a lot about your real intention... Think well about it.

I will also leave here a video I recorded a while ago, that explains a bit more about it :)

See you on Friday!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Candidates for the Altar series - Inner conflicts

Hi Aline, I would like you to tell us if you had any inner conflicts in regards to your calling... I've been facing some really tough ones lately and it really suffocates me...!!

Dear friend, 

In my case, I didn't have any conflicts regarding my calling. From the moment I had my encounter with Jesus, I decided that I wanted to spend my whole life serving God, and on the Altar.
When I came to God, I had no direction in life, I had no goals and from the moment I met God it was like as if all that I was meant to be, had been revealed to me.

Well, the point is, if you have doubts, that is, if you are not sure that you want to give up your whole life to serve God on the Altar, don't do it. If deep down inside of you, you have personal dreams of career, family, comfort - which by the way, they are not wrong - then the Altar is not for you, as you will really need to give up all of it for the Altar... Unless you are really CERTAIN of making these sacrifices, with no turning back...

To be on the Altar cannot  be 'just a good idea'... You must breathe the Altar! That really must be the one thing you want to do and be in your life.

Obviously that doesn't mean that while you're not yet on the Altar, you will stop your life and just sit down and wait for it to happen, no way! We must glorify God in every area and situation of our lives.
But I will leave that topic for next Wednesday, ok?


Sunday, 12 October 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: Announcement

Hello girls!

Well, since many of you have a lot of questions in regards to the Work of God on the Altar, I will start replying to some of your questions, every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, from next week on, ok?

I can't promise to reply to all of them, and I will give priority to questions that can help more people at the same time, alright?

So that's it, I will see you again on Monday!

Ps: Our Sunday has already began here in the Philippines! I just took this picture at 8am, on Oct 12 :)))

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: How does the newly married wife should behave?

My 1st year as a pastor's wife :)
Hi girls! The next posts will be about the questions that the readers of these posts have made... (It seems like my portuguese readers have more questions, hehehe) But I will be posting the answers here too, in case that could be your doubt too :)

Shall we go to the first one?
'I would like you to speak about how a newly married wife should behave once she joins the Work of God, what to do, and how to add. '
'How does a newly married pastor's wife should act? Because everything changes in her life. How to deal with the differences, her role and they way she behaves?'
Well my darlings, I have to firstly start by saying that the newly married wife, is usually very insecure, because, as it was mentioned in the question above, everything is new for her.
So she will probably choose to act in one of these 2 ways:

  • She will be afraid of being seen as the inexperienced one, she might be very defensive, extremely cautious not to make any mistake and in a way, she can even be quite proud... The fact that she doesn't want to be seen that way, makes her to pretend she knows it all...

  • Or she can be humble and ready to learn everything that is presented to her in her new life.

Obviously the correct attitude is to be humble. It is to understand that even though she was approved to marry a pastor, she still doesn't know almost anything about the Work of God (You can read more about it here). So she needs to be humble to learn everything that is taught to her from now on.

And how will she learn? By simply staying at home and asking God to mould her? Of course not! We must definitely humble ourselves before God and show to Him we know nothing, but it will be in the situations we go through, that is, when we are acting our faith towards our objective, that He will teach us how to act. Even when rebukes are necessary to make us learn... That's why humbleness is so important.

So that's it! If you are truly humble all the rest you will learn through experiences and in your dependence on God.

See you next week, answering more of your questions :)

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: The role of a pastor's wife

Hi girls :)))

Well the previous post of the series ended with the following sentence:

'Behind a great man, there is a great woman...'

Do you think this sentence is correct? Did you guess it right? Hmmm...

I am going to be very honest with you... I do believe this sentence was valid many years ago, hence it became a saying... However nowadays, I can surely affirm that the most appropriate sentence is this:

'Beside a great man, there is a great woman!'

The world has developed a lot, women gained their space and their value, and a wife who doesn't get involved in her husband's life, that is, if she is not by his side fighting for the same dreams and objectives he has, and never moves a finger to achieve that, she definitely won't make any difference in her husband's life and will then stay 'behind'...

Now, if this is true in secular life, let along in the Work of God! We must be by their sides at front line of the battle!
We must also act 'behind' in the background through prayers, fasting and purposes... But that's not all.

In order to be a helper of our husbands, we must know what they go through, we must be involved in their work, which is to save souls. We must feel the same pain they do, so that we can hold hands with them and take the souls out of the devil's hand. And by the way, only then our prayers will be more effective as we really know what we are talking about! We must be available to give counselling to the women, be available in church and for our husbands in whatever they need.
We must be aware of the church's needs and see how we can add!

Obviously by doing this, we can't come out of our place. The woman does not give orders in the church, the pastor does. But when they are both in harmony, in the same objective, same goal, it's certain that she will know what her husband expects of her and of the development of the church, and she will do her best in order to achieve that objective.

It's so good girls! God gives us such privilege to help His servants in order to promote feasts in heaven!!!

So that's it my dear friends, redo this sentence in your mind, and let's make the difference in the Work of God!

Today I want to leave this space for you to ask whatever you want about the Work of God!
Do you have any doubts about it?
Leave your comments and I will be answering whenever possible.

Many kisses!

Ps: The blog will have a new face soon!!
Ps2: For you who don't know, the Philippines flag is the one in the center of the picture, blue, red and white with a little yellow sun :)