Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Who is a woman of God - Part 2

Well done, many of you have guessed it right :)

"But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your[ works, and I will show you my faith by my works." James 2:18

How can we separate faith, from works? And how can we separate works from its extreme, sacrifice?

Faith is not theory, it's only real when it's materialised in works, actions, sacrifice.

A woman who truly wants to be of God, must know that to live by faith, is to practice it through the actions and sacrifice.

If you don't sacrifice your will daily, you are probably not living by faith. Because faith is contrary to our human nature. And how can we be of God, without sacrificing if He, our Lord Jesus, was This visible proof of love?

And when I say sacrifice I mean everything! By denying your will daily, doing extra things on behalf of your faith, participating in campaigns that will challenge your faith and so on...

The secret for a woman to continue being a woman of God always, it's to sacrifice. There is no other way.

You can make vigils of prayers, know the whole Bible, confess it out and loud. But if you don't practice your faith, if you don't deny your will, you will NEVER be the woman you want to be.

Do you know why you see a great difference among the woman in church you know? There lies the answer, in the sacrifice, in what they offer daily on the Altar, spiritually, physically and financially...

Few are those who like this subject and you can be sure that these are the ones who don't sacrifice as they should...

Have you been living a life of sacrifice to please God?
How can you identify that the sacrifice you've been offering is for God and no one else?

To be continued...

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Secret #3: First Husband

Love triangle - with God as the center of our marriage!
Hi darlings,

Last week's post was not so pleasant to what we feel, right? The message spoke to us to really look inside of ourselves... to find out what is rotten and take it out or remove it from us. The truth may hurt us in the beginning but it is essential for us to know in order to change for the good and grow more mature... It is good if we can deal with certain weaknesses that we have as early as possible so we could avoid problems or clashes to become big when we are already married with someone...

But now, let's go to the Secret #3. :D

Among all the 40 secrets, this is the secret that I had never forgotten since the very first time I read Mrs. Nanda's book. I remember that I was beginning in my journey of faith, particularly, when I was doing my Godllywood Rush.

I used to be among those girls who dream to be happy in marriage, but throughout my life, I had no idea that the key for me to be happy in my marriage is: first, I need to get married with God! I need to make HIM the "first love" of my life!

I struggled with my love life because I did not know this secret before... Instead of making God my first love, my first love before was my boyfriend. I made that guy my world, my life, my top-priority, which gave me a lot of disappointments, made me so afraid to lose him and I let myself to have no value. :(

When I thirst to get married with God, I sought advice from the servant of God what I should do... The pastor told me that I need to think that Jesus is my boyfriend, and my life revolves around Him, though I do not see Him but I would think of ways how to make Him happy, I would not do things that would make Him sad or disappointed at me, I would be crazy for Him, I would be committed and faithful to Him...

Since I heard that advice, I re-arranged my priorities in life! I kicked-out that ex from the Top 1 of my list and placed GOD as the Number One in my life! I decided that I would surpass all the things that I used to do for my ex-boyfriend, and pour out all my love, my strength, my effort, my time to my new Boyfriend and it did not take long that I got married with Him and Jesus became my First Husband! Oh, what a day it was for me!!!! Then after some time (without even hoping or expecting) I was blessed to have met the second love of my life, Denny, who eventually became my second husband.

Like Mrs. Nanda, I also owe all my happiness to Jesus, I also owe Him the pleasure to wake up with my second husband each day!

Many might be wondering what is our secret why we are happy on our marriage?... and we are giving-away this secret!!! It is in Matthew 6:33! Hurry!!! Check it now! :)

Did you find it? Did you understand it? Now, keep it for yourself, ok?! hehehe. I'm joking!

Sweeties, apply it. Share it with your friends. Do not rush to enter in the second marriage without having the first marriage or else, everything would be a mess! That love, that care, that happiness, that longingness that we girls are searching for, can only be filled by loving and marrying Him first!

That's all we need to do, and He will provide the rest for us!

'Til next week!

Jessica Shigeoka

DISCLAIMER: The "40 Secrets for the Single Woman" is a book written by Mrs. Nanda Bezerra. I did not write the 40 Secrets, what I am writing in this blog are my own experiences and how I identified myself with each Secret found in Mrs. Nanda's book. :) Find out more about it here.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Who is a woman of God?

'How can I be a woman of God? What can I do, to become a woman that pleases God?'

This is the question of many girls and women who desire to become a woman of God.
However many people get the wrong idea that a woman of God is a perfect woman...

Think of the woman of Proverbs 31... we know she is not perfect - because nobody is - but that is the impression that we get right? 

And do you know why? Because she lives by faith! Her attitudes are based upon a belief, and not upon what she feels... Do you think that if she was based upon her feelings, would she be able to do everything that is written about her? I doubt it!

A woman of God is a woman who lives by faith and not by feelings...
Ver rare in the days of today, that's why the women of God are so admirable.

Nowadays the world works based upon feelings...'Follow your heart', 'Go by what you feel',' Surrender to your feelings' and so on..

A woman of God drives against the flow of the highways of this world. She leads her life by what she believes, by what is written upon the Word of God. And I am not here talking about a religion, but about faith, faith that everything that is written in the Word of God is true and it's the guide for her life. She has proved so in her daily experiences.

And to be a woman of God does not sum up in asking God to make you so. Being of God, it's to use your faith at all situations in your life. It's to be constantly watchful, for you to always make the right choices based upon your faith, not by feelings or by the heat of the moment.

Asking God to mould us, is important, but that's not all... It demands action, practice and another very familiar word for those who truly live a real faith... Can anyone guess what word that is?

To be continued.

Friday, 12 December 2014

Challenge 5 - Overcoming my worst enemy 'myself': Good habits

Hello my dearest!!!

Sorry for the late post, but here we are with challenge number 5! I bet this won't be a difficult challenge, but I can guarantee you that it's so important for all of us!

You know friends, when we know God, He really does guides us to all truth! It's obvious that there are situations in which we need an advice, or some instruction, but I can assure you that the Holy Spirit Himself is the one who places His principles inside each one of us. Without having people to tell us certain things, we start to know what's right and wrong and we create good habits inside of us.

Well, let me announce today's challenge:

"Do not be deceived: “Evil company corrupts good habits.” Awake to righteousness, and do not sin..." 1 Corinthians 15:33-34

Yes, my dear friend... this is the plain truth! Bad companies do corrupt good habits!!! But before you say that the only people you hang out with, are the people of the church, let me explain it better...

Well, I do believe that many of you don't have bad companies, however I've seen even among us, many 'so called' friends who instead of helping us to keep God's principles inside of us, end up making us to be really far from the principles God has placed in us.

Let's see some examples:

  • Let's say that you were always the kind of person who hated gossip. According to your principles you would never be gossiping about people... but then, your friend begins to gossip about other people to you, you listen to it, and then when you least realize you are the one who starts gossiping too... BAM! She just made you to corrupt your good habits...

  • Let's say you were always the kind of person of attitude, you're secure, bold, but your friend is lazy, negative, doesn't have initiative, and little by little you start to become just like her... BAM2! She just made you to corrupt your good principles and habits.

  • Let's say you were always the kind of person who likes to eat healthy, you do care about your health, you don't eat whatever you see in front of you.. but your friend, eats all wrong, she only wants to eat junk food all the time, and then when you realize there you are also eating all wrong, just like your friend... BAM3! Again, you've just had your good habits corrupted...

  • Or what if you always had within you that certain kinds of clothes were not appropriate for a woman of God... you always had balance when the subject was clothes... But your 'friend' thinks you are too old fashioned and that you should follow what is on in the fashion world... when you least expect there you are wearing clothes you once didn't think they were ok... BAM4! There goes your principles again...

  • What about that guy you told yourself, you would never date, as he was such a bad influence for you??? But you know, your dear friend has made up your mind, that you are a fool, and that you should date him, at all costs... BAM 5! When you least expect again, there you are influenced by someone else's opinion...

  • What if you've always been that kind of person who likes to be involved in everything in the church, you want to be in the spirit of what's happening in the House of God, but your 'friend' doesn't see importance in it, she thinks many of these things are a waste of time, she judges... and for you not to go against her, you end up changing the way you are just to please her... BAM6!... Bye bye to your good habits again...

Well let me stop with the BAMs!! hehehe!
When these kind of situations happen, we must be away from these kind of people for our own good... and even more important than that, is that we should go back to the practice of the good principles and habits we once had! 

So that's our challenge!

  • What have you started doing and didn't finish because of the bad influence of someone else?
  • Which of your principles have been corrupted because of an external influence?
  • Which good habits did you stop practicing because you heard more your friends than God?

If you are ready to knockout your worst enemy again, and are with me in this challenge, you will post here in the comments and in my page on Facebook, the following:
I've completed challenge 5 of #overcomingmyself challenge, by (write here what you will go back doing, which you had stopped because of bad companies) - to keep my good habits and principles.
It's better if today you already decide what you are going to do, so that you can work on it, every day of this week.

So that's it girls! Let's attack our worst enemy!! Knock it out!!!!!


Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Secret #2: Something difficult

Facing the truth can either make us very happy or extremely hurt!
I believe that many of us know the story of the Evil Queen who asked the Magic Mirror every single day:
"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?"
And, the mirror would always reply that she's the fairest in the land... This answer pleased the queen all the time as the Magic Mirror never lied... However, one day, Snow White grew up and she became more beautiful than the queen, and the mirror spoke the truth that she was not the most beautiful in the land anymore. As a result, the Evil Queen hired a huntsman to kill Snow White and commanded to deliver to her the young lady's lungs and liver.
In Secret #2, Mrs. Nanda has a call to analyze ourselves how we are facing the truth in our lives or relationships. Have we been reacting like the Evil Queen (go wild, take revenge, never speak to the person again)? Or we simply accept the truth, swallow our pride, humble ourselves and change if it is necessary?
Friends, remember that people who are very close to us are the most revealing mirrors in our lives. They can be our parents, partners in life or trusted friends...
Whenever I'm confronted of the things that I need to change, especially from my husband, I refuse to hear at first. There were incidences that I cried, I complained, I stopped talking to him for a while or answered him back in a wrong way, which only made him more angry at me... And it is proven that reacting the way I did would never change anything nor solve the problem.
But, there are two things that I learned to do and it always work for me: first is PRAYER. I ask God to remove the pride in me, help me have more patience, understand the situation what He is really trying to teach me and guidance on how we are going to resolve it. Then, the next step is going beyond my feelings and TAKING ACTION to do the changes.
So, on one hand is prayer (or using my faith) and on the other hand is to take action - these two are my weapons to overcome difficult situations such as facing the truth.
Come back next Tuesday for more!
Jessica Shigeoka

DISCLAIMER: The "40 Secrets for the Single Woman" is a book written by Mrs. Nanda Bezerra. I did not write the 40 Secrets, what I am writing in this blog are my own experiences and how I identified myself with each Secret found in Mrs. Nanda's book. :) Find out more about it here.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Challenge 4 - Overcoming my worst enemy 'myself': Work of God

Hello dear challengers!
How are you?? I've been busy as usual, but this no excuse for me to stop working on myself to become a better woman!

Let's continue our challenge?

Well, since I came to the Universal church, I've learned that I must have priorities in my life and the order of them should be:

1st place: God
2nd place: my family
3rd place: the work of God

We've already attacked our worst enemies in relation to our spiritual life, showing that we don't only want to be better people to avoid problems, but mostly to please our God!

In last week's challenge we attacked the enemies that try to make a big confusion in our relationships...

So today, we will attack whatever is impeding us from being true servants of God!

What has been stopping you from being a servant that really pleases God? Let's check our 'small' list...:

  • Laziness
  • Lack of attitude
  • Shyness to evangelize
  • Fear of what others will think of you
  • You worry too much about pleasing men
  • You keep comparing yourself with other servants of God
  • You think you're too young
  • You think you're too old
  • You think you are incapable
  • You want recognition from men
  • You are all disorganised with no time to serve God
  • You say you don't speak well
  • You always need someone else's push
  • You only do what others are doing
  • You are worried about title/position
  • Distracted person
  • Childish
  • You are jealous/envious when a responsibility is given to someone else
  • You have no vision to be blessed financially to glorify God
  • You are too critic and have evil eyes towards other servants of God

Oh my... as you know all the things above are caused by our worst enemies 'ourselves', which hates the fact that we want to serve God. After all, we are no longer fighting for ourselves only, but for others too!

How can we please God if the above things are interfering in our service to Him?

"Cursed is he who does the work of the Lord deceitfully..." Jeremiah 48:10

It's more serious than we can think of... so my friends, ready, set, go!!! Attack your worst enemy now!

As a proof you are in this challenge and you will overcome your worst enemy that stops you from being a true servant of GOD, you will post the following in the comments here as well as in my page on FB:
I've completed challenge 4 of #overcomingmyself challenge, by attacking - write here what you will be doing - on behalf of my service to God!
It's better if today you already decide what you are going to do, so that you can work on it, every day of this week.

So that's it girls! Let's attack our worst enemy!! Knock it out!!!!!

Kisses, see you next Wednesday!

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

40 Secrets - Secret #1: Skunk Love

 Definition: "Do you remember a cartoon character Pepe Le Pew? He was a skunk who was madly in-love with the black cat, named Penelope that had white stripes like his... This was an impossible love because she is a cat and he is a skunk! It will never work! They are incompatible and despite their similarities, they are different!"

I was in a relationship when I began coming to church and I must admit that I was in a "skunk love" relationship at that time. It is quite common among ladies, specially with the young ones. And it is also quite difficult for them to let go of this kind of relationship. I know! I've been there, I've done that.

Have you heard of the saying "Love is blind"?

Yes! My love for that guy actually made me blind because it was purely based on emotions. Everyone around me were against that relationship... My family did not agree, my friends did not agree, my mentors did not agree... But I used to say things like: "I am so in-love with him..." "I can't let go of him..." "I will fight for him..." I used to be so afraid to lose him...

I remember and totally regret the days when I used to give advice to my friends, saying: "Follow your heart!" "Do what makes you happy, even if the whole world may be against it!" Because that was exactly what I used to do, I was used to follow my heart. I did not know how to use my intelligence at that time, I did not know how to make the right decisions, and could not perceive the consequences of my actions.

Until one day, I encountered this verse in one of the services: "The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?" (Jeremiah 17:9)

In simple words, "The heart is a cheater/liar, NEVER TRUST IT!!!!"

Then, the blindfold was removed. Since then, I realized that when I am going to search for love, I should not search for emotions, flowery-words, chocolates, bouquet of flowers, good voice... but I need to use my intelligent faith.

Dating is not about kissing, going to the cinemas, having fancy dinners...but it is about TALKING and getting to know the person as much as you can. By talking, you can already see more or less if you have the same dreams, vision, faith...

I think the key is that do not be afraid of losing the guy if you see that you are not compatible, value yourself more than any one else.

Boys, they know when the girl is afraid to lose him so he takes advantage of it... (I call them boys because they would never do this if they are real MEN). We, ladies, are meant to be conquered... Stay away from "skunk love". Set a high-standard for yourself because you deserve the best. Better you get heart-broken now, than suffer a broken marriage in the future.

And how about you? Share with us how you related yourself to this topic... :)

Jessica Shigeoka