Monday, 1 September 2014

Preparation for marriage series: Learning the basics!

Hello darlings, welcome to one more post related to the preparation for marriage.

Today I want to talk to those women who are still very dependent on their parents or on other people to take care of their own lives, hehehe.

I know many girls, and women, study and work hard and sometimes they don't have a lot time to learn new things. But I believe that if you try a little harder you may be able to find some time to learn some basics that would benefit a married lady.

Cooking: Are you the kind of person who always eats out, or only eats from your mom's food? hehehe. Yes, my darlings, perhaps one day you will have a maid at home that can help you with that, but what if there are emergency situations where you will receive people at home and so on? It's actually a very admiring quality in a woman to know how to cook. And knowing how to cook, it's not a theory thing... I mean, I remember that when I got married I thought I knew how to cook, but because it was something I didn't do very often before getting married, I ended up making a lot of horrible food...  hehehe. Yes, practice is very important in this matter. What if you started cooking for your family at least once a week? If you live on your own, invite your friends :)

Washing and ironing clothes -  I know it sounds like something silly, as in many cases, the washing machine can do the job for us... but I have heard so many women saying that they've stained many of their clothes as they didn't know they had to separate them by colours, or sometimes use a specific detergent or a different cycle for certain clothes... What if you started washing your own clothes?

What about ironing? Do you know how to iron well a social shirt? What about dresses and tops with special fabrics or those who tend to shine? I know there are many launderettes that can do this job for us too... But I think it can get very expensive right? What about in emergency cases, what do you do?
A well washed and iron outfit, talks a lot about who we are, did you know that? It's time to learn. (I will perhaps post some tutorials in the future but for now, you can google it :). What if you started ironing some shirts and difficult items of clothing in your home to get practice? Please don't burn them!!! hehehe!

Driving - Friends, how important it is to know how to drive depending on the place you live, right? I took long to learn to drive, but when I did, I realised how easier my life became... What if you have children? You need to take them to doctors, school and etc... In some countries and cities the public transport is really good, so perhaps you don't think this is so necessary, but we can't compare public transport with the comfort of the car... What if you took some spare time to have some lessons?

Sorting out house problems - What about when something stops working in your house? Do you know who to call? Or do you always ask someone else to call them for you? Do you know how to change a burned lightbulb? What about unblocking the toilet? (I learned it some days ago and was able to save money, kkk) Do you know how to defrost your fridge/freezer? If a pipe is broken in your house and there's a leak, do you know where is the valve to turn it off until they come to fix it? What about the energy 'box'?
They seem like silly things, but if one day you're alone at home, if you know these things you can avoid some problems.... What if you spared some time to learn these basics of your home?

Paying bills, budgeting and etc - I have known many girls who were actually afraid of sorting out things in the bank and also paying bills... They always depended on other people to do everything for them, so when it was their turn to do it. they didn't even know where to begin...When you are married, you will probably have to take some of these responsibilities upon you... I know many of you who are reading this post, perhaps had to learn these things since very young, as there was no body else to do it for you, but many others have always depended on their parents to do everything for them... Also knowing how to budget your money, it's so important! If now that you don't have many responsibilities to pay, you are already full of debts, how can you manage a home? What if you started paying some bills of the house and organising your money well for the future, perhaps a piggy bank?

Well my darlings, this is it for today... Do you identify yourself with some of the points above? What other aspects of your life you have seen you are very dependent on other people? What other basic things you need to learn?

Leave your opinion :)))

See you soon!

Friday, 29 August 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: Should we have children when serving on the Altar? - Part 2

Hi everyone! As I said before, I am here today exceptionally to continue talking about wednesday's topic about having children when serving God on the Altar.

As I said in my previous post, one of the problems in having children in general, is that we never know which path they will choose for their future. We can give them the best education in the world, yet only God knows what will be their decision.

To add on top of that, there are so many things that need to be done in the Work of God. We honestly have no time to waste or even to think of misusing our time, after all, the devil doesn't stop for a second.

When you have children, you can limit yourself. You can't do everything you want, because the child needs you. You can't also leave your children anywhere and anyhow so that you can manage everything. And even if physically you do so, your mind will be constantly thinking on whether the child is well or not.  And that's when it starts to become a problem... Many times you will need to say NO to your calling, even if you don't want to, for the sake of your child.

I don't have children, but I lived in the past, with people who did and unfortunately some of them could not be counted on for some responsibilities in church... They even wanted to, but because the child needed their care, they couldn't do more. And they obviously could not leave the child on their own, after all, it was not the child's choice to come into the world, right?

There was a time in church that many pastors had children or adopted kids, which are the many children of pastors we have today, buy many pastors have affirmed that if it was today, they wouldn't have children. Not that they regret having their children, they love them, and it's a pleasure when they turn out to be in the Work of God in the same way as their parents, but many acknowledge that during the time they had to mind their kids, they were unable to be more used by God towards the souls.

We must always be careful and analyse ourselves to see if the desire of having children is not coming from the flesh, like it happened with Sarah who wanted in her own way to give Abraham a child instead of waiting for what God wanted for and from them. Many people don't realise that many times the consequences of this choice can be really serious...  What was the result of Sarah's fleshly desire and decision? Ishmael became the father of a nation that was and still is against our God.

I know this sounds harsh and tough, but it's the plain truth... If only we could guarantee that our kids could be one more soul for God... But we know it's not guaranteed.

God wants us to have Isaacs for Him, that is, children of the promise, children of the will of God. And who are they? Aren't they the souls that Jesus died for, in order to make them children of God?

Dear friend, if you are committing yourself to this Work, you must verify that you really mean it when you say you want to sacrifice 100% of your life on the Altar.

It's not a sin to have children, not at all,  but take a look at this verse:

"Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” Luke 6:38
Need I say more? The measure of our sacrifice and surrender will be the measure that we will receive back from God.

What about you? Are you ready to leave your own country, language, culture in order to serve anywhere in this world? This is next Wednesday's topic! Which country do you think would be more challenging for you to adapt?

Leave your opinion :))))))))
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: Should we have children when doing the work of God? Part 1

Hello everyone!!!!!

I have to begin my post thanking you for the comments! They inspire me and help me to have a better idea of the needs and how I can help you better. Well, and as I believe we will have a lot to talk about today's topic, kkkk, I will be making 2 posts about this (the next one, will exceptionally be posted this coming Friday, don't miss it!)

Well, in your comments, most of you said that it was not advisable to have children while serving on the Altar for different reasons, but before I make my comments about it, I will today leave a brief story of 2 children of pastors. One of them is a pastor today and the other one a pastor's wife.

Let's see what they have to say about it:
'It was a great privilege for me growing up in the Work of God. My childhood was protected from this world, I was always in church and I received an excellent example from my parents. It all led me to have a good character, to have my encounter with God, and my new birth. However, many are the difficulties a pastor's child faces. We change cities often, we leave many friends behind, we don't have much time with our parents and we can be exposed to diseases, danger and persecutions. I grew up moving constantly from one place to another, I lived from the North of Brasil, in Roraima, to the South of Brazil in Santa Catarina, also facing a big difference in cultural aspects. Although there were many difficulties, I always understood my parent's mission and admired them for that.
Today I am also a pastor, and even though I grew up very happy, I decided along with my wife not to have children. Our decision is based on the fact that we must be ready for everything: new places, cultures, dangers, diseases, to be ready to go wherever God sends us. We are soldiers. But would we be prepared to see our children going through the same? I believe it's much more difficult for a father to see his child suffering than it is for the child himself. It was our decision to serve on the Altar, and I don't think it's fair with the child that still has no power of decision to be forced to follow our difficult path. We believe in the promise that says: "And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or lands, for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and inherit eternal life." Matthew 19:29 - Pr Eduardo Walsick - Philippines

When I was born, my parents were already in church and were doing the Work of God. This is an honour for me, as I was brought up by two great examples, who taught me the the principles of God and it was an environment of faith. But even then, that didn't make me born of God instantly. At my teens I was really impressed by the things of the world. I knew that what my friends were doing was wrong but there was a curiosity in me, and the only thing that stopped me was the Fear that was inside of me. Cutting the long story short, eventually I had my encounter with God and the desire to serve Him on the Altar was strong. Some years ago that dream came true! Today I serve God here in Ireland, and many people do ask this question if I want to have children since I am a pastor's daughter, and honestly my answer is no. Thank God I am here today, but I have my own free will and if it wasn't for my personal surrender to God, I don't know where I would be. There is a lot of demand upon a pastor's child, many forget they are souls like anybody else and I think that having a child in this world in the way it is today, would be one more soul that we would really have to fight to win for Jesus. And by my own experience I had to change school over 10 times, and sometimes 2 times in the same year, when I got used to the place, my life turned upside down, hehe, I had to adapt to new cultures, not to be close to the family, to have everything in one day and nothing on the next... I made this choice for myself but not my child. I want to be 100% focused in saving souls and having many spiritual children!! This is my vision.  Talita Valentin - Ireland
Thank God, both of the examples I showed you here, are of pastor's children who are also in the presence of God and who are also following the same footsteps of their parents, doing the Work of God on the Altar. Their parent's must be really proud about it :)

However even though they were happy then, they know how difficult it was for them to grow up under these conditions and they don't believe having children while doing the Work of God on the Altar would be ideal.

I also chose not to have children... This decision has also shocked many people, especially some family members who don't understand our faith. However my decision is not only based upon the difficulty I would place my child in, but also because I know this would affect my surrender, in the Work of God, something I certainly wouldn't like...

There were times I questioned apostle Paul, when he said that it would be better if we didn't even marry... However today, when I think about the reality of the time he lived, I can understand why he would say so. He lived in a time where the church of the Lord Jesus suffered a lot of persecution. Can you imagine you having to run away and flee from people, and even having to worry about your wife/husband, let along your children!!!! That must've been really hard... obviously I didn't have the faith of NOT getting married like he did, hehehe, but I can now understand where he was coming from.

Today the persecution, may not be physical as in the old times, but it still exists due to the devil's persistence in changing our focus from what we've been called to do, trying to make us to suffer because of our family members.  After all, and unfortunately, it's not because they grew up in church that it's guaranteed that they will never leave God. Many pastor's children don't want anything to do with God... It's sad, but it's the reality... Are we ready to take the same risk with our own children?

And even if your answer were yes, that is, even if you were ready to take that risk, I ask you: this will of having a child is coming from your flesh or from God? (Remember I am talking with the candidates for the Altar, ok?)

Well, in Friday's post, we will talk more about this...
The candidates for the Altar must remember that the Altar is a place of sacrifice, in that case, even if you have to say many NOs to yourself, that's the way to go... Are you really ready?

What do you think would be the biggest sacrifice you would have to make to join the Work of God? Leave your opinion, I want to know friends! Big Kiss and till Friday!

Ps: The butterfly in the picture, is a beautiful daughter of an assistant from Ireland... By the way, I love children did you know? But having them in the Work of God... No, thank you!

Monday, 25 August 2014

Preparation for marriage series: Investing in your finances and talents

Dear friends,
I am so happy to be here with you every week!

As promised, today we will start talking about things you can do in order to invest in yourself, while you are waiting for Mr Right to come along.

Let's talk about your finances... Why is it so important that you have at least a stable financial life if you are willing to get married soon?

Well, once you join your life to somebody else's life, you will be one with them. Your main purpose in that marriage will not only be to be happy, but to make the other person happy, right?

If you are full of debts or have no savings for the future, I agree that your future husband can even help you to pay off your debts and help you to start a new life, but that's not really the ideal way to go, don't you agree? When we get married we intend to add in the other person's life, you should be a +1, so that your husband can be even more blessed for having you in his life.
This is how a marriage should be:
+1+1= 2 (When both are well and stable, they add to each other's life)  
But if you are a -1 and he is a +1... -1+1 = 0, you will end up even taking away his value :(
Managing your finances is the key for you to become a +1! This is not easy, especially if you are a compulsive buyer... But that's when you need to be mature enough - and you can be that. when you use your intelligent faith - to think ahead of time. What is more important? To have that so wanted piece of clothing or electronic item, or to start paying off some of your debts, so that you can soon have that spare money to invest in your wedding?
I know it sounds easier than it really is. But the word for the day is sacrifice!

When you keep your eyes on what you want from your future, you will have the strength and courage to do what it takes in order to invest on that. But if you are always moved by your emotions and only think about here and now, then it's certain you won't be investing in your future.

Perhaps you already have a job, but whatever you get is too little to start saving... why not use your talents to add to your monthly salary? Perhaps you will say you have no time for it... but don't you really? Think it through before you answer... what if you sacrificed a little more of your time, in order to do that?
And by the way, everyone has a talent, perhaps you just need to find out what it is! What do people always compliment you for? Crafts? Food? Your looks, your hair? Do you do it yourself? That's probably your talent. Think about it.

Ok, let's say you thought it through, and you really don't have time for extra responsibilities... What about the job you are currently in? Do you think this is really the one you should be in? Have you tried applying in other places, even when you think you have no condition for them? Have you been using your faith in regards to your finances? 

I remember that even though I soon had the desire of being a pastor's wife once I converted, and I knew I wouldn't be rich or pursue a blessed financial life, I always enjoyed attending the Monday Meetings in the UCKG. The practical examples, and the motivation they give us in order to push us for more in life really stirs up our faith. Have you been attending them?

Well darlings, this is it for today. If you want a bright future, you need to invest in it!
What are the actions you can start taking from now on in order to start saving for your wedding and for a stable married life?
Share your experiences and leave your comments so that you can help one another :)
I hope this has helped you. See you soon!

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Candidates for the Altar series: Love for the souls

It's so nice and helpful for me to read your comments! Thank you for always leaving your opinion on the topics:)

As many of you said, what is the point of doing the Work of God on the Altar, without the desire of saving souls, if this is our drive once we are born of God and wish to serve on the Altar?

All those who are born of God, have this burning desire inside of them of winning souls. It's impossible to truly experiment what salvation and who God is and want to keep it all for ourselves. We want pass it on to all those we know and even to those we don't know! We can't help it, it's a strong desire that moves (action) us to reach out to all those who are lost.

If we think about what Jesus did when He was here on earth, we can clearly see His main concern was the souls.

There is a passage in the Bible that I find so wonderful and so deep... One day Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him. Peter did not hesitate but immediately replied yes!! Let's see what Jesus replied to Him?
"So when they had eaten breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter, “Simon, son of Jonah, do you love Me more than these?”He said to Him, “Yes, Lord; You know that I love You.” He said to him, “Feed My lambs.” John 21: 15
If you keep reading this passage you will see that Jesus asks him 2 more times the same question, and His answer to Peter was all regarding the souls. Showing to us that even to prove our love for Jesus we must dedicate our lives for the souls, we continue God's dream of having us as His children!

And another important reason why the love for souls is so important when doing the Work of God, it's because if there is one thing in common in all places we are sent to serve on the Altar will be: souls!

The country or the city you are sent may be very hot or extremely cold, it may be rich or it may be poor, it may be far or close from your homeland, it can be very different in many aspects from other places you've been before, but one thing is for sure: there will always be souls in need of help there.

If we keep our focus on the souls we will always be happy and we will remain in the Work of God forever, because souls will be what will always surround us, regardless of the circumstances.

When people lose this focus on the souls, they begin to get cold in their faith, thinking more about their own businesses and in turn end up leaving the Work of God... So sad, but it's been the reality of many.

Souls are everywhere. If you are a true servant for the Altar, you will be able not only to see that, but your mind, your thoughts and your objectives will be around souls.

Are you ready to make the souls a priority in your life - obviously, after your own soul?

GREAT! But that's not all...

Let's talk about having kids when doing the Work of God on the Altar? What are your thoughts about it? Don't forget to leave your comments, I love reading them and getting to know you more.

See you next week Wednesday :)

Monday, 18 August 2014

Preparation for marriage series - Are you ready to become Mrs Right?

Hi dearest readers, 

As promised I've been praying for all those who left their names in my previous post. Don't lose hope, don't lose heart. Your blessing is on the way :)

Today's topic is about something many people neglect whilst trying to find or waiting for their Mr Right. They forget that Mr Right, is also looking for Mrs Right! Right? hehehe!

Place yourself in Mr Right's shoes... Would he think you could be his Mrs Right?
  • When you think about your finances for instance, would you be able to get married anytime soon? Or you are so full of debts that you can't even afford the basics for yourself?
  • Are you still so dependant on your parents or on other people to do things for you? Do you think you are ready to take the responsibility of being a wife? 
  • If you are a single mom, but have the dream of marrying again, how have you been dealing with your kids? Do you make time for them? If not, how can you then place someone else in your life, you won't be able to take good care of?
  • What about your looks and health are you really taking the time to look presentable - not perfect - so that you can please Mr Right when he comes along?
  • How is your faith? Are you ready to get yourself in a marriage - which is a lot of hard work - when in smallest things, you get desperate and think of giving up?
Dear friends, this post is NOT to put you down. Not at all, but it's to make you realize that many times you forget that you also need to take good care of yourself and to be prepared in order not to suffer once you are married, as all of these things and more can be really overwhelming.
Actually for you to love someone - and love them well! - you need to love yourself first, and that includes having peace of mind when taking such a important decision in your life which is to get married.

 ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ Mark 12:31

Obviously you don't need to have a perfect life or to be 100% prepared in order to get married, but as you are still waiting for Mr Right to come along, why not use this time to invest more in yourself?

In the next few posts of these series we will be talking more specifically about some things you can do in order to prepare yourself for marriage.

What about you?
Do you realize you are still missing some of the above things, or other things in order to be ready for Mr Right?
What are the steps and actions you need to focus more from now on in order to invest more in yourself? Feel free to leave your comments :)

See you on soon :)

Friday, 15 August 2014

Beautiful in God's Eyes: Elegance zero!

Hi everyone! It's been such a long time I don't post anything related to beauty right?

Well today I would like to post some pictures of photos which I consider NOT elegant...
I've made some of these mistakes before, but step by step we are learning to become more elegant in a Godlly way :) Still have a lot to learn, but we will get there!

When I was in Ireland, we showed these slides to our Godllywood members and some of them were quite shocked with that they saw, kkkk, because many of them did not realize how they had NOT been elegant, hahaha!

Well, everyone can dress the way they wish, right? So don't get offended, hehehe...
But in my opinion these looks below are not very elegant...


You don't need to be a lot overweight for some fabrics to reveal a lot of your body. When wearing clothes that tend to 'divide' your body, wear shorts with spandex or 'body'.

If you don’t have fit, you don’t have style—end of story

If you don’t have fit, you don’t have style—end of story

That's it friends!
What do you think about the above looks? Do you agree they are not elegant?
Are there any other things/looks you don't think are elegant, share them with us :)