Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Special Questions & Answers: How can I be beautiful?

Hello my dearest friends!

A special video answering the question of a girl who can't find herself pretty...

Friday, 4 April 2014

Questions & Answers: What is to meditate upon the Word of God?

Hello and welcome to one more Q&A. Today's video is about meditating upon the Word of God. Do you know what that is?

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

'Things will be different for me...'

If there is a phase of our lives that we are extremely stubborn is when we are teenagers. This happens due to the fact that we haven't had many experiences in life, we don't know much about life, we are very irresponsible and deep down we carry around that thought... 'oh no, things will turn out different for me!'.
How many times hadn't my mom told me: 'Aline don't hang out with these people, don't start dating too early, don't do this, don't do that, you will end up suffering...' 
Many times I used to be angry with her about it, as I thought she was too negative and even cursing me... But she knew very well what she was talking about...
She got involved with my father when she was still very young, she quickly got pregnant and she suffered, how she suffered... There were many years of suffering because even though they liked each other, they only married at that point of their lives because she was pregnant. My father, even though he was a responsible father and he was working at that time, he had addictions and he would leave my mom and I constantly alone at home... A wrong decision that had bad consequences for years.  
Even though I knew all of it, do you think I cared? No! I thought that things would be different with me, that I could enjoy life as much as I wanted and I wouldn't have the same consequences... what a stubborn girl I was!
I began to do the opposite of all my mom had taught me, thinking that what she went through was only a casualty in her life, and the the times were different now... until I began to suffer myself... At 14 years of age, I had been rejected by my boyfriend, who without explanation decided to broke up with me... I came home at 2am crying because of him... I suffered a lot... And that's when I understood that all my mom had been saying all along was true.
Dear friends, every time an older or more experienced person give you an advice, take it onboard. Don not despise that advice because that person probably knows a little more than you, or even much more than you do.
Perhaps you don't even have a mother or a mother figure to advise you and tell you what to do or not, but I can be that friend of yours a little more experienced, that can affirm that if you are just one more in the crowd and do the same as they do, it's very likely that you will end up suffering too, just like them... Be careful with these thoughts of yours saying that everything will be different with you, that you can do anything you want and nothing will affect you... This a trap of the devil for you to suffer.
The only guarantee we have in our lives that things will be different is if our lives are based upon the Word of God, that is, if we are obedient to Him. That's the only way I could turn my sad past into a changed story.
If you've done the same as me, if you were stubborn and suffered for it, share your experience with us so that we can also help each other. And if your story is still a sad story, know that it can change! You only need to start listening to your Father from now, Who is the One who can make everything different.
What if you became different for a different future? You can still do it! 

Monday, 31 March 2014

My Mr Right

I honestly don't know the magic formula or the miracle sign that can detect who is the right person who will make us happy for the rest of our lives, even though I already found my Mr Right :)
But here I am to tell you a bit about my own experience so that you can have a better idea on what to wait on ahead...
If you read my previous post, you could see that knowing who is the right person has nothing to do with feelings. It's clear and obvious though that you will like and will have feelings for the 'right person', but that's not all. I used to like me ex-boyfriend, however he wasn't the right person for me... 
- And then how was it with your husband Aline?? - you may be asking yourself...
Well actually when I met my husband he was already doing the Work of God in another country but came to Brasil to meet a girl who wasn't me:(   However my darlings, when God has a plan for our lives, man's plans change and God enters into action!! Oh how great it is our God!
Well it didn't work out with that other girl and at that same day a friend in common of ours introduced me to him...
- Aline, this a friend of my son! He also does the Work of God there in London!
I stretched out my hand to greet him a bit shaky and blushing all over! :)
Well like the people out there say, I can affirm that at that moment there was a chemistry between us, hehe. I felt something different...  but as I had just had an experience previously that had proved to me that I cannot base on my feelings to be happy in my love life, I ignored what I felt and went on with my life... especially because in that same day he returned to London.
Well to cut the long story short, 3 months after this day had passed, my mother-in-law looked for me in church saying that her son was interested in me...
You know, I had an ideal of a man of God in my mind, and I decided not to accept anything less than that. I didn't expect my husband to be perfect and he isn't - even though he is perfect for me :) - but there were things that were very important for me, such as the way he treated people, his plans in the Work of God, the way he treated me and etc... I observed everything in him and thank God he had these main qualities I cared about. 
It wasn't my heart beating fast, or butterflies in my stomach, or goosebumps that made me realise he was the one for me... It was my intelligent faith!
As time went by, I was sure that our marriage would add into our lives, and this is what happened :)
Dear friends, don't be deceived by your heart... You may even feel all that I mentioned above, but if there is no intelligent faith, an assurance that that's really what you want, it's better to cry now and sacrifice than to have a bad marriage and cry for the rest of your life. 
What God does is compatible, it fits perfectly! Don't be happy with crumbs, God has the best for you. Trust and enjoy!

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Universal Day for Women in the Philippines

Women’s International Day,
equal rights, laws to benefit women

Yet with all these and more, women continue
in a constant battle to find their own value…

April 19th will be the day when men will learn to value women and women will learn to value themselves.

In the Philippines we invite you all to attend this special meeting at:

Venue: UCKG HelpCentre - Araneta Center - Cubao
       Time: 3pm

See you all then!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Questions & Answers: Fake tanning, permanent eyebrows and reducing weight tablets... are they a sin?

Hello and welcome to one more Questions & Answers!

Today I will be answering to three questions about:

Fake tanning
Permanent eyebrows
Reducing weight tablets

Are they a sin?

Find out :)

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The young girl who changed history!

Hello dear friends!

For those who know a little about me and my story, you probably also know how I struggled with my insecurities due to my age and lack of experience when I compared myself to the other wives who were older than me and more experienced.

With time, God revealed to me that I shouldn't limit myself because of this as He was the One who had chosen me. I then, began to overcome my insecurities and started to believe more in my potential because it was and it is Him who guide and direct me. I even created the 'Pact for the Youth' which has been helping many girls and women as I realizes that it was a common problem when talking to some of my friends.

However today I would like to emphasize how we cannot limit ourselves because of these things... On Sunday the 23rd of March, we had the Purim Feast here in the Philippines, and as we were listening to Mrs Cristiane's message about Queen Esther, something really called my attention like never before... her age, which should be around 18 years of age. I had heard her story so many times before, about her courage, and her desire to save her people, her simplicity, but I had never really payed attention to her age: 18 years old.


Now I ask you, which experience or capacity does a young girl of 18 years old have? What experience did she have to be a queen or to save her people? Almost zero! She definitely didn't know what was ahead of her... However she was chosen to change the history of her people.

Why do you think that God himself would allow her story to be registered in His Word? Why show to all of us, that a 'ordinary' girl, but who had a genuine desire to honour God was the one chosen by Him?

Simple, to show you and me that we can be a queen Esther today!

You can consider yourself the least of all creatures, however you can change your story and the story of all those who are around you, if you also have the same desire of glorifying God with your life.

The question is: what is your true intention? Do you want to marry to your own pleasure or to glorify God? Do you want to be a woman of God to have peace or to honour God?

If your main goal is to honour God, you can be sure that He will make you a queen today that will change history!

But what if you find out that your intentions are not good? Repent and ask God to place His desires inside of you. If you include yourself in His plans you can be sure that He will also make your come true.

Here are some of the pictures of our beautiful feast: